Two 4 One Buried TreasureMarch 8th, 2011

I’ll start by saying that by no means do I advocate the use of “4” instead of “for”, “u” instead of “you” or any such nonsense. But, the kids like it, and I’m aiming for mass appeal with this one.

So, as the title suggests, the offer is a buy one, get one free Buried Treasure promotion. 20 tracks for the price of 10. Domestically, $10 gets you both shipped to your door and internationally it’s $15. If you live in Canada, subtract $2 (bonus) and if you live in Australia, add an extra $3 (sorry).

Both Volume 1 and Volume 2 are chock full of great music… see for yourselves.

We’re doing this basement style, so pay via Paypal to b underscore cleaver at hotmail dot com based on the pricing info above. I’ll personally dispatch your CDs within a day or two of payment. Chances are, I’ll even post them the same day and throw in an Offshore sticker!

Also of note, to help Gage & Desoto celebrate their new webstore, we’ve sent over the last remaining stock of the infamous Offshore “Ripper” T-Shirt. Get your cursors over there!

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  1. yoooooooo, mr clever. how can i get in touch with you man? youre offshore email address just bounes back.

    hit me up please!!

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