Santa Cruz

Skateboard CollectionMarch 5th, 2013

Skateboard Collection


ToyboxesJune 28th, 2012

I have always been a collector. It started in childhood and has continued through my adult life. In fact, this blog more or less serves to post pictures of things I’ve collected, both past and present.

A prime example, the Jeff Grosso Toybox skateboard deck by Santa Cruz pictured to the left. I came across it second hand, as a kid, and my mother was both kind and patient enough to restore it to the condition shown. You should have seen it before she got to it- Mom did a great job.

I sold it as part of an eBay purge to raise money for something else that I’ve since sold. But, flash forward to a few weeks ago and the board on the right arrived in a big brown box. A Matt Groening interpretation for Bart Simpson. The deck is also produced by Santa Cruz as part of an on-going collaboration with The Simpsons.


Now, I just need to find a spot on the wall to display it. The colors and graphics are great, keeping in line with the original. Of course, I’d prefer to have the original back, but this version will serve as a place holder for now.


Raras KaupasMay 16th, 2012

We couldn’t be happier to present a Dust Bunny direct from skateboard legend Natas Kaupas. I once asked him about his rarest graphic ever. He responded, “That’s easy, it’s on my wall at home. Only a handful of artist proofs were made.”

So, if you ever wondered about the rarest Natas skateboard graphic, now you know. Thanks for taking this photo and sending it over, Mr. Kaupas.