Subliminal MessagesApril 14th, 2012

Guess who made it onto Rapha Survey?

The discontinued orange Rapha Wind Jacket compliments the Summertime 84 jersey nicely. Remember, only a week left to pre-order yours from Gage + DeSoto!


Get to the NewsstandFebruary 18th, 2012

Issue 10 of Peloton Magazine is on newsstands now and features a two page spread on Gage + DeSoto.

The total piece is four pages, as we are joined by Ifixbyx. All written and shot by our good friend Chris Henry. Maybe that’s why I managed to make it into photos in both articles.

Swing by your local newsstand to grab a copy. With a great photo of a younger Greg Lemond on the cover, you can’t miss it.



Late to the PartyOctober 14th, 2011

I finally upgraded to Dura Ace 7900 after riding the same 7800 parts for nearly four years. Of course, I re-appropriated the 7800 parts onto my CX rig, but let’s save those photos for another time.

For now, enjoy this lovely specimen- an Independent Fabrication SSR constructed of Columbus XCR Stainless Steel welded by Tyler Evans (more recently, one of the founders of Firefly). The paint was custom for Rapha Racing NYC. Five of these were made, each noted by the moniker on the top tube. Mine happens to read “Cleaver”, which makes it hard to confuse for anyone else’s.


Wish You Were HereMarch 2nd, 2011

The riding in Santa Monica was amazing. Thanks to Stu Bone for this Latigo shot.

He also took a few more on the Rapha Santa Monica Gentlmen’s Ride.

It was there that I met Spencer from Ritte Racing. He invited me over for what may have been the last espresso from his machine.

I also popped into Linus Bikes for a quick visit.

My trip to California was rounded out with a stop off in Austin, TX on the way home. I’ll default to Gage & Desoto for the summary, who defaults to another one of the numerous sources covering the show.

The next post will be about music, I promise.


Los AngelesFebruary 19th, 2011

Despite it’s sprawl, it’s an interesting town. The short list – vacation with my wife, Tour de Palm Springs, Santa Monica and Venice with family, cycling PCH and Malibu, Rapha events, Oakley headquarters and Natas Kaupas.