Powell Peralta

Skateboard CollectionMarch 5th, 2013

Skateboard Collection


Dear GeorgeSeptember 19th, 2011

This week’s Dust Bunny is fitting, as I plan to sell the set on eBay in the very near future. Check back, as I’ll update the comments with a link to the auction. Until then, enjoy the photo of these three re-issued decks (in handboard size) lined up. These decks were part of a volley of insults back and forth between George Powell and Steve Rocco.


Young Whipper SnapperAugust 28th, 2011

I came across these black and white photos from middle school. I’m modeling two World Industries Mike Vallely decks. On the left is his first board after leaving¬†Powell Peralta, the elephant on a cliff. On the right is the infamous double kick Barnyard deck. Neither deck is in my possession now, but I did manage to score a Cease and Desist Barnyard reproduction a few years back. It proudly hangs on my wall. The photos would have been even more amazing in color, but there’s something unique about the b&w as well.¬†On a sidenote, check out the sweet Hosoi shirt I’m wearing (not to mention those stickers)!