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Tag Archive for "Oakley" - DJ Clever


B-1B InspirationJanuary 24th, 2014

Super stoked when these B-1B grips arrived in the mail from Oakley.

Oakley B-1B Neon Web

It turns out my neon yellow Oakley evolution picture inspired these grips. Who knew?

Coming soon with an Eyeshades re-release. Contact me to buy a pair now.


EyeshadesDecember 1st, 2013

An abridged evolution of Oakley.

Oakley Eyeshade


On LockJune 6th, 2013

I scored this pair of custom colored Radarlock XLs on my last visit to Oakley.

Oakley Radar Lock XL WebNote how well they go with my Ritte Bosberg.


Subliminal MessagesApril 14th, 2012

Guess who made it onto Rapha Survey?

The discontinued orange Rapha Wind Jacket compliments the Summertime 84 jersey nicely. Remember, only a week left to pre-order yours from Gage + DeSoto!


Red Text?!March 13th, 2012

So, I’ve seen the Oakley Radar Polished White/Oakley Text, but the text has always been black.

Enter these rarer than rare gems:

Direct from a great friend at Oakley and customized over the phone, these are without a doubt one-of-a-kind.

A great addition to my Oakley collection and sure to prove essential during the upcoming racing season with W.S. United.


Pink on PinkOctober 19th, 2011

Behold a pair of all pink Oakley Razorblades that I created out of two different glasses. Even the nosepiece matches. Classy.


Turn On Your BlacklightSeptember 21st, 2011

As soon as I tell myself, “No more Frogskins”, Oakley drops another amazing pair! What’s a boy to do?


CroakleyAugust 31st, 2011

I recently acquired a pair of Crystal Black Ruby Iridium Frogskins by Oakley. After they fell off my face and head numerous times in Thailand, I outfitted them with some original Croakies. I’ll give them a test run with the new setup this weekend during our New England getaway.


Mix and MatchMay 27th, 2011

Due to the East Coast Rapha Gentlemen’s Race in PA last weekend, I was delayed in posting a Dust Bunny. In order to uphold the current weekly schedule, I’m doubling up this week. Here are a pair of Oakley Razor Blades. The frame is a sea foam green and the trigger arms are black. This pair was actually created out of two pairs. One pair ended up entirely fuchsia pink, including nose piece and this pair resulted in the remaining parts.

There are some cracks in the arms where they attach at the hinges, a small crack at the center of the frame and a few scratches on the lens. So, they aren’t collector perfect, but they wear fine and are sure to turn heads. Why has this turned into an eBay description? Well, I’d like to sell this pair for $65. Email me if you are interested.


A Baker’s Dozen of OakleysApril 4th, 2011

If you know me, you know that I’m a huge fan of Oakley. The bright colors and 80’s roots grab me. I can always count on them to add a bit of style to my day or ride. So, visiting their HQ in February was truly notable. I walked away with a few new pairs, inspired to showcase my collection. I had to borrow two pairs from my wife and a pair from Spriggs to complete the baker’s dozen, but here they are.

1. FROGSKINS Collectors Editions Marine Fade/Blue Iridium (24-237)
2. RAZOR BLADES STPL Limited Edition Blue/Ice Iridium (Limited)
3. FROGSKINS Collectors Editions Anti-Freeze/Black Iridium (24-205)
4. RAZOR BLADES Polished Yellow/Fire (03-387)
5. RADAR Path Straight Stem White/Fire Iridium (Custom)
6. FROGSKINS Collectors Editions Neon Yellow/Fire Iridium (03-200)
7. RADAR Path Straight Stem Team Orange/Ice Iridium (Custom)
8. FROGSKINS Collectors Editions Acid Green/Grey (24-249)
9. JAWBONE Atomic Orange/Vented Persimmon (Custom)
10. RADAR Range Chrome/G30 Iridium (Custom)
11. JAWBONE Pearl/Black Iridium (Custom)
12. RADAR XL Blades Matte White/Blue Iridium lenses (09-743)
13. RADAR XL Straight Blades Retina Burn/Fire Iridium (09-741)

Big thanks to Sean Smith for enabling an unhealthy penchant for “filthy” eyewear, Steve Blick for his graciousness and generosity during our HQ visit, Slate Olson for inviting me on said visit and the owners of the borrowed glasses.