Marvel Comics

Best. Cover. Ever.October 1st, 2011

For some reason this cover is the ultimate for me. I distinctly remember this particular cover of GI Joe for whatever reason… Maybe it’s the balaclava that Beachhead wore? Could it be 3 dudes in a heavily armed jet ski blasting away? It might even just be the color combination. Regardless, it rules.


Once A CollectorSeptember 6th, 2011

Despite haul after haul from the room I grew up in at my parents house, I still continue to find items of interest.

Recently, I brought two boxes of comic books back to Brooklyn with me. I’ve flipped through them all and memories abound. Rather than keep these amazing images to myself, I’ve scanned a few covers. Wolverine managed to make it onto the cover of nearly every title at some point, it seems.

I’m not sure if I should sell or hang on to them, but I’m open to offers. So, if you missed a title from this period or just want a grip of Marvel comics give a shout. You may even want to stop by our tag sale this Sunday, September 11th to see what I drag out.