Pro-llectionJune 23rd, 2011

Taken from Gage + DeSoto, writing and photos by yours truly.

Being a collector can have its drawbacks – usually in the form of expenses and storage. One or the other will invariably rear its ugly head, and I’ll be forced to re-evaluate my collection. (That, or the desire for something new arises. which then requires selling x to raise money for y.) So like most of us, I’ve experienced an ebb and flow of collectibles throughout the years.

One such item that has seen a steady exit from my closet recently is the pro team kit. I amassed a decent collection of kits when I first started riding and I wasn’t on a team. So I inadvertently chose to become Captain Poseur, sporting a different livery with each ride. I quickly learned that it was not cool to wear a kit for a semi-current team that you aren’t a part of.

In hindsight, I should have just kept the jerseys and kits in question. Today, they are so obsolete that I’d have no problem wearing them. But, the space (and $) issue came into play. You can only have so much lycra at one point in time, especially with my limited square footage in NYC.

As such, they’re gone, but I figured it would be nice to gather up a few of my favorites for a “retrospective”. You’ll find a gallery of eight jerseys that I managed to photograph before they hit eBay. Some attractive, some ugly – but all great.

Gallery :: Pro-llection/Jerseys



1 of 1June 3rd, 2011

In the spirit of the new Team T-Shirts from Gage + DeSoto, this week’s Dust Bunny is the original Saxo Bank Team shirt line-up. This particular specimen is one of one produced in these colors.

The design morphed to adopt Fabian’s Swiss National Championship title and now that the boys are riding for Leopard Trek, there’s been another rendition.

Available from Gage + DeSoto for $25, variations include HTC and Liquigas if Leopard isn’t your team of choice.