DJ Clever Live at Halcyon’s Bless Up!January 25th, 2011

Liondub invited me to play Halcyon’s Bless Up event Thursday, January 14th 2011. The full mix can be found on Halcyon‘s site, but I took the liberty of cutting out my set and uploading it to Mixcloud.

Scuba “You Think You’re Special” Hotflush Recordings
Scuba “Tense (D-Bridge Remix)” Hotshore Recordings
DJ G “Hydrate” Warm Communications
Dissident “Swimming in the Soup” Alphacut Recordings
Sinistarr “My Thoughts Exactly” Inside
Ulterior Motive “Yogourt Brainwave” Subtitles UK
Sub “So Finster Die Nacht (Fracture’s Astrophonica Remix)” Pinecone Moonshine
Ulterior Motive “Featherweight” Subtitles UK
Fracture & Neptune “Dust Ball” Astrophonica
D-Bridge & Instra:mental “Detroid” Autonomic
Seba “This Is Our House” Warm Communications
Alley Cat “Sweet Spot” Offshore Recordings
Instra:mental “Watching You” Nonplus +
Scuba “Eclipse” Abucs