Gage + DeSoto

Red Hook Crit RunMarch 10th, 2012

I just signed up for the Red Hook Crit Run on March 24th.

It will be my first 5k since high school. Though, I did a 5 miler and 4 miler in the late fall/early winter and fared well.

Come cheer for me, I’ll be flying the Gage + DeSoto Track Club flag.



Get to the NewsstandFebruary 18th, 2012

Issue 10 of Peloton Magazine is on newsstands now and features a two page spread on Gage + DeSoto.

The total piece is four pages, as we are joined by Ifixbyx. All written and shot by our good friend Chris Henry. Maybe that’s why I managed to make it into photos in both articles.

Swing by your local newsstand to grab a copy. With a great photo of a younger Greg Lemond on the cover, you can’t miss it.



Interbike FameSeptember 18th, 2011

Spriggs and I headed to Las Vegas for Interbike this week. We unveiled a new Gage + DeSoto T-Shirt design, Eddy on Mars, which I planned to post here. However, Jeremy is a much faster blogger than I and put it up on Embrocation Cycling Journal first. So, here is his photo (I’m in it after all) linked back to his post. Thanks to JD for the love.


1 of 1June 3rd, 2011

In the spirit of the new Team T-Shirts from Gage + DeSoto, this week’s Dust Bunny is the original Saxo Bank Team shirt line-up. This particular specimen is one of one produced in these colors.

The design morphed to adopt Fabian’s Swiss National Championship title and now that the boys are riding for Leopard Trek, there’s been another rendition.

Available from Gage + DeSoto for $25, variations include HTC and Liquigas if Leopard isn’t your team of choice.


Gage + DeSoto x Dead FlowersMay 9th, 2011

Lower East Side T-Shirt bandits, Dead Flowers, reworked this classic TdF moment – Jacques Anquetil and Raymond Poulidor battling elbow to elbow up the Puy de Dôme on July 12, 1964 – for Gage + DeSoto.

Guaranteed to make you swag harder. $35 from Gage + DeSoto


Retail AwarenessApril 25th, 2011

Very often, it’s easy to assume everyone around you is privy to all your news sources. The barrage of information available on the internets, social media and twitterverses must certainly be common knowledge to all, right? Well, sometimes that’s not the case.

So, I’ll back up and publicly state that I’m now a part of Gage + DeSoto. A concoction of design, marketing, events and media all anchored to an enthusiasm and passion for cycling. The webstore even contains a few items that I’m directly related to.

The last remaining stock of the Offshore Ripper T-Shirt is available along with a very limited version of a book titled, Kissing With Helmets. Perhaps stating the obvious (but not doing so would defeat the introduction to this post), my wife and I cycled across the United States last summer on our honeymoon. Our journey began in Portland, OR and took us to our front door in Brooklyn, NY. We chronicled our adventure along the way on Edie and I did such a great job doing so, that we turned it into a coffee table book.

The limited version is a hardcover imagewrap, #9 of 10 and features premium paper. The cover has since changed and can be purchased as a softcover, hardcover with dust jacket or hardcover with imagewrap on

So, if you decide to click on just one of the various links in the post, I’ve successfully brought someone a step closer to my world.


A Baker’s Dozen of OakleysApril 4th, 2011

If you know me, you know that I’m a huge fan of Oakley. The bright colors and 80’s roots grab me. I can always count on them to add a bit of style to my day or ride. So, visiting their HQ in February was truly notable. I walked away with a few new pairs, inspired to showcase my collection. I had to borrow two pairs from my wife and a pair from Spriggs to complete the baker’s dozen, but here they are.

1. FROGSKINS Collectors Editions Marine Fade/Blue Iridium (24-237)
2. RAZOR BLADES STPL Limited Edition Blue/Ice Iridium (Limited)
3. FROGSKINS Collectors Editions Anti-Freeze/Black Iridium (24-205)
4. RAZOR BLADES Polished Yellow/Fire (03-387)
5. RADAR Path Straight Stem White/Fire Iridium (Custom)
6. FROGSKINS Collectors Editions Neon Yellow/Fire Iridium (03-200)
7. RADAR Path Straight Stem Team Orange/Ice Iridium (Custom)
8. FROGSKINS Collectors Editions Acid Green/Grey (24-249)
9. JAWBONE Atomic Orange/Vented Persimmon (Custom)
10. RADAR Range Chrome/G30 Iridium (Custom)
11. JAWBONE Pearl/Black Iridium (Custom)
12. RADAR XL Blades Matte White/Blue Iridium lenses (09-743)
13. RADAR XL Straight Blades Retina Burn/Fire Iridium (09-741)

Big thanks to Sean Smith for enabling an unhealthy penchant for “filthy” eyewear, Steve Blick for his graciousness and generosity during our HQ visit, Slate Olson for inviting me on said visit and the owners of the borrowed glasses.


Motioned PicturesFebruary 8th, 2011

I can’t believe that I’m just now getting around to posting about Motion Pictures. The event was well attended and I can safely say a good time was had by all. Gage & DeSoto did such a great job documenting it with words and photos that I’ll default to him.

The Giro themselves tweeted about it and Rapha mentioned Motion Pictures on their blog. I guess we don’t really have a choice but to continue it. Look out for a post-NAHBS screening of another monumental stage from the cycling archives.


Motion Pictures: 2010 Giro D’Italia Stage 7January 24th, 2011

Join us Friday February 4th 2011 for a screening of 2010 Giro D’Italia Stage 7.