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DJ Clever

Stripes – Venice Beach EditionFebruary 17th, 2015

A pre-order to deliver by June 1st for the latest iteration of the DJ Clever Stripes legacy. This time we find inspiration from the quaint beach town of Venice, California. Designed by Mr. Clever himself and produced by Sommerville Sports, it’s sure to get you attention on your local group ride.


Pre-order now in the SHOP.


Immediate Action RequiredJanuary 4th, 2012

The DJ Clever Cycling Kit has arrived! There are a very limited number (jersey and short) for sale on Gage + DeSoto for $175. Act now if you want one.


Holiday Drum & Bass Mix 2011December 14th, 2011

I’ve finally gotten around to recording a new Drum & Bass mix. It’s mainly the tunes I played a few weeks back at Alteration, so if you missed that relive it here and now. I mixed it in one take with both vinyl and CD (no mystery which tracks are from which source), so please pardon any slips.

Holiday Drum & Bass Mix 2011 by Dj Clever on Mixcloud


1. J Robinson & Shima – The Cut VIP – Convict Digital
2. Ed Rush – What’s Up – No U-Turn
3. Fracture & Neptune – Ups & Downs VIP – Offshore/Organic
4. Def Con One – Time Is The Fire – Mac II
5. Photek – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (Riot Rmx) – Unknown
6. Pharoahe Monch -Simon Says (Roni Size & DJ Die Instr) – Rawkus
7. Graphic ft. Beans – I Am Metal (Compound One Rmx) – Offshore/Organic
8. Ed Rush & Optical – Funktion VIP – V Recordings
9. FD – Stripped – Warm Communications
10. Jonny L – See Red – XL
11. Martsman – Kotz – Dubplate
12. Future Forces – Neitherworld 6 – Renegade
13. Amit – Social Dilemma – Commercial Suicide



Alteration, Sunday, July 17thJuly 13th, 2011

That’s right NYC, I’ll be DJing this Sunday, July 17th at Alteration. I’m on from 12-1am, so swing by The Delancey and check it out. Expect a whole bunch of unreleased goodies alongside some classics that range from Drum & Bass to Dubstep to this newfangled Bass music (at least that’s what the kids are calling it).



Rainy Sunday MixMay 16th, 2011

I spent most of Sunday indoors due to the rain, giving me a chance to record a new Drum & Bass mix. I’ve spent lots of time recently weeding through my record collection to sell those I grabbed in haste over the years (or have doubles of). However, once I’m done with a chunk of sorting, there’s no time left to mix any records.

Today – problem solved.

Justice & Metro – Solomon (Jason oS Remix) – Metro
Seba – Hidden Reflections – Secret Operations
Instra:mental & D-Bridge – Detuned – Darkestral
Doc Scott – Jungle Jungle – 31 Records
Abstract Elements – Apathetic Vibe – Alphacut
Ed Rush & Optical – Punchbag – Virus
ASC – The Bounce – Dub
Sublogics –  Logic (Dom & Roland Remix) – Audio Blueprint
Fracture & Neptune – Hot Spot – Astrophonica
Break – Vanishing Point – East Side
Ian Foxfire – Kill-9 – Thermal
Hidden Agenda – Relentless – Metalheadz
Mode – If I Ever Feel Better – Dub
Nasty Habits – Liquid Beatz – 31 Records
Vaccine – Radiate (Subeena Remix) – Offshore
Squarepusher – Unknown – White




NYC Gig – Sunday, April 3rdApril 1st, 2011

Some may consider this announcement late, or others may consider it just the right amount of time. Regardless, I’ll be DJing at Alteration this Sunday, April 3rd from 11pm to 12:30am street level at The Delancey. Expect currents, classics and Offshore and various other dubs I’ve been sent over the past few weeks.

I even put together an all vinyl 30 min teaser mix on Mixcloud to get everyone hyped for it!

Dj Clever – Teaser Mix For Alteration April 3, 2011 by Dj Clever on Mixcloud


Ryme Tyme – We Enter – Saigon
Jonny L – Selecta – Pirahna
Special Forces – Babylon VIP – Tek Dubz
Seiji – Storm Report – Reinforced
Calibre – Sokitume – Signature
Dom & Optical – Concrete Shoes – Moving Shadow
Hidden Agenda – Relentless – Metalheadz
Matrix & Fierce – Climate – Metro


From the Mix ArchivesMarch 14th, 2011

I re-discovered this mix a few days ago. Though it’s from spring of 2003, it still sounds as fresh as the day I mixed it. And, the tracks combined with MC Proof’s vocals make this a musical experience and not just a mix. So, I’ve decided to re-share it years later. Enjoy and spread it around!

Dj Clever Ft. Mc Proof – Too Intense, Too Profound by Dj Clever on Mixcloud

Dragonsword ‘Lies [Blu Mar Ten Rmx]’ [720]
Hidden Agenda ‘Far Out’ [Metalheadz]
Fracture & Neptune ‘Normality Complex Pt 1 & 2′ [Offshore]
Plug ‘Me & Mr Jones’ [Boymerang Rmx]’ [Blue Planet]
Paradox ‘Too Dissimilar’ [Partisan]
Kutta & Al Bleek ‘Hired Guns’ [Demonic]
Foul Play ‘Synthetic Bitch’ [Partisan]
Alpha Omega ‘Catburglar VIP’ [Offshore]
Dragonsword ‘Uridium [Seba’s Atari Rmx]’ [720]
Graphic ‘Hexagon’ [Offshore]
Arcon 2 ‘Shock’ [Reinforced]
Jonny L ‘Cut-Off’ [Pirahna]
Sileni ‘Twitchy Droid Leg’ [Offshore]
Mandalay ‘This Life [Boymerang Rmx]’ [V2]


Two 4 One Buried TreasureMarch 8th, 2011

I’ll start by saying that by no means do I advocate the use of “4” instead of “for”, “u” instead of “you” or any such nonsense. But, the kids like it, and I’m aiming for mass appeal with this one.

So, as the title suggests, the offer is a buy one, get one free Buried Treasure promotion. 20 tracks for the price of 10. Domestically, $10 gets you both shipped to your door and internationally it’s $15. If you live in Canada, subtract $2 (bonus) and if you live in Australia, add an extra $3 (sorry).

Both Volume 1 and Volume 2 are chock full of great music… see for yourselves.

We’re doing this basement style, so pay via Paypal to b underscore cleaver at hotmail dot com based on the pricing info above. I’ll personally dispatch your CDs within a day or two of payment. Chances are, I’ll even post them the same day and throw in an Offshore sticker!

Also of note, to help Gage & Desoto celebrate their new webstore, we’ve sent over the last remaining stock of the infamous Offshore “Ripper” T-Shirt. Get your cursors over there!


Sonorasaurus Rex Dubstep MixFebruary 2nd, 2011

This afternoon I recorded a Dubstep mix using Sonorasaurus Rex by Pajamahouse.

Sonorasaurus Rex February 2011 Dubstep Mix by Dj Clever on Mixcloud

Sepalcure “No Think” Hotflush
Dissident “Society of Silver Skeletons (Headhunter Remix)” Hotshore
CREEP “Days (Deadboy Remix)” Young Turks
Headhunter & Invisible “Luvdup” Soul Motive
George Fitzgerald “Don’t You” Hotflush
Distal & HxdB “Typewriter Tune” Surefire Sound
Untold “Bad Girls” Fabric
Fracture “Mystical” Dub
Ruckspin ft. J. Sparrow “Blessings” Pushing Red
Vaccine “Electrolyte” Dub
Eskmo “Hypercolor” Ancestor
Hyetal “Neon Speech” Soul Motive
Joy Orbison “Wet Look” HF2


DJ Clever Live at Halcyon’s Bless Up!January 25th, 2011

Liondub invited me to play Halcyon’s Bless Up event Thursday, January 14th 2011. The full mix can be found on Halcyon‘s site, but I took the liberty of cutting out my set and uploading it to Mixcloud.

Scuba “You Think You’re Special” Hotflush Recordings
Scuba “Tense (D-Bridge Remix)” Hotshore Recordings
DJ G “Hydrate” Warm Communications
Dissident “Swimming in the Soup” Alphacut Recordings
Sinistarr “My Thoughts Exactly” Inside
Ulterior Motive “Yogourt Brainwave” Subtitles UK
Sub “So Finster Die Nacht (Fracture’s Astrophonica Remix)” Pinecone Moonshine
Ulterior Motive “Featherweight” Subtitles UK
Fracture & Neptune “Dust Ball” Astrophonica
D-Bridge & Instra:mental “Detroid” Autonomic
Seba “This Is Our House” Warm Communications
Alley Cat “Sweet Spot” Offshore Recordings
Instra:mental “Watching You” Nonplus +
Scuba “Eclipse” Abucs