1989 JerseyDecember 2nd, 2014

Just because I updated my site today and added a proper SHOP doesn’t mean I’m not going to still try and sell a jersey that I designed for my other brand Gage + DeSoto.





Summertime 84April 3rd, 2012

Taken directly from Gage + DeSoto (because I wrote it):

This year, we had an elaborate April Fool’s story prepared about finding a barn in France full of NOS jerseys from a defunct cycling team. It was meant for our blog and we even mocked up a design to go with the post. It was going to remain just that – a prank, until we thought it would be even more fun to make a few samples of the jersey.

We immediately realized we needed to make this. It’s nothing less than ode to summertime in the 80’s, and to our childhoods. We think the design speaks for itself (and we’re worried that including the text of the “sponsors” would somehow find a way to our desk).

So, we’ll be taking pre-orders for the jersey for the next few weeks. The jersey is produced by Sommerville Sports at a factory that might be responsible for a jersey you already own. This particular model uses a recycled Eco Green fabric, so you can feel good about reducing your carbon footprint.

Extremely limited to pre-orders only, so don’t wait around on this one!

Summertime 84 Jersey :: G+D Store

Sommerville Sports


Pink on PinkOctober 19th, 2011

Behold a pair of all pink Oakley Razorblades that I created out of two different glasses. Even the nosepiece matches. Classy.