Summer Donuts!May 4th, 2014

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Since the Clever’s Donuts bottles set has sold out, it’s time for a summer redux.

This time around we’re going big- 26oz Translucent Pink Bottle with a Orange Mo Flow cap. Round it out with our two favorite donuts from the last round and a logo on the neck, and we’ve got ourselves a new bottle.

Pre-order before June 1st (estimated ship date) and they are $11/each. Afterwards, the price will be $13/each.

2014 Donut Proof Web

  1. Hi!
    Interested in some bottles, but live in Sweden. During the last run of bottles I think you had some alternative shipping methods which were cheaper, is it possible this time too?


  2. Hi same question as above really also in sweden would be cool to get a few bottles, shipping just works out more than the bottle itself /:

    • The cheapest international shipping option is the $16 economy option. Unfortunately, that is the price for First Class International and the cheapest I can offer. See if some friends will go in on an order with you and split the shipping. Thanks, Brett

  3. Just wondering if you have any of these left.

  4. Love the new look, but wonder if you still have any of the blue/yellow, smaller bottles for sale?

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