Pro-llectionJune 23rd, 2011

Taken from Gage + DeSoto, writing and photos by yours truly.

Being a collector can have its drawbacks – usually in the form of expenses and storage. One or the other will invariably rear its ugly head, and I’ll be forced to re-evaluate my collection. (That, or the desire for something new arises. which then requires selling x to raise money for y.) So like most of us, I’ve experienced an ebb and flow of collectibles throughout the years.

One such item that has seen a steady exit from my closet recently is the pro team kit. I amassed a decent collection of kits when I first started riding and I wasn’t on a team. So I inadvertently chose to become Captain Poseur, sporting a different livery with each ride. I quickly learned that it was not cool to wear a kit for a semi-current team that you aren’t a part of.

In hindsight, I should have just kept the jerseys and kits in question. Today, they are so obsolete that I’d have no problem wearing them. But, the space (and $) issue came into play. You can only have so much lycra at one point in time, especially with my limited square footage in NYC.

As such, they’re gone, but I figured it would be nice to gather up a few of my favorites for a “retrospective”. You’ll find a gallery of eight jerseys that I managed to photograph before they hit eBay. Some attractive, some ugly – but all great.

Gallery :: Pro-llection/Jerseys


  1. Be sure to check the new book by Bill Humphreys titled The Jersey Project.

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