Clever’s DonutsAugust 8th, 2013

SOLD OUT, but check our shop for more items.

It had to be done- a water bottle to capture the donut hype in cycling.

DJ Clever's Donuts Square Web

Two Specialized Purist 22 oz. bottles, one blue and one yellow, with clear Mo Flow tops, for $25 plus shipping.

DJ Clever's Donuts Tall Web

Five color print of donuts drawn by Laura Lee. With two different donuts per bottle, drool over a total of four delicious donuts.

SOLD OUT, but check our shop for more items.

  1. Is it possible to just get 2 of the same color? I’d like to order but just want 2 of the blue bottles vs one of each color.

  2. Wondering the same as Spencer. Is it possible to get two of the same?

    • At this point, we are just selling the bottles in a set of one of each color. If you want 2 yellow, perhaps we could sell you two yellow and Spencer two blue. Let us know.

  3. Are these the watergate valve? Or the MoFlow?

  4. I’d be game for that if you are BB

  5. Are these bottles available? I tried the paypal link, no luck.

    • Hi Drew, Should be fine now, I accidentally edited out a line of code.

  6. Do you stiill have stickers left? =)

  7. Are these bottles still available?

  8. Thought AWESOME, until 4 bottles was going to cost me $60USD in shipping to AUS!!!!!!!!

    • Hi, I based the shipping off of a Flat Rate Priority Mail Medium Box. I’ve emailed you a few other options in hopes we can find an option that suits you better. Thanks.

  9. Hi, I would love to own these, but I live in France and Paypal is charging 25$ for shipping !
    Can I have others options?

  10. Would totally grab these if we could do a set of the same color.. Just sayin..

  11. sold out? really? i would love to buy a set!!!

  12. Hi, will you ever make these again?

  13. Hi, I also would buy a set, probably two, are these coming back?

  14. I would like 2 plus a sticker kit

  15. Sad I missed this first edition, but looking forward to the summer version! I love your work!

  16. Hey Mike,

    I absolutely love this bidon set and was hoping you might bring them back. The summer version is bigger than I need on a ride.



  17. I’m in the same boat as Annie. Just want to get some cool bottles for my shorter rides. Did Annie snag the last of the originals? :)


  18. Hello,

    Really keen for one of these, are the summer ones different?


  19. Hi, is it possible for you to give me info if the bidon is available in ur store?
    We want to buy some to sell in Indonesia


  20. Hey,

    I know your website says sold out –
    Any chance of the first run editions to be made again?

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