Dust Bunny

Once A CollectorSeptember 6th, 2011

Despite haul after haul from the room I grew up in at my parents house, I still continue to find items of interest.

Recently, I brought two boxes of comic books back to Brooklyn with me. I’ve flipped through them all and memories abound. Rather than keep these amazing images to myself, I’ve scanned a few covers. Wolverine managed to make it onto the cover of nearly every title at some point, it seems.

I’m not sure if I should sell or hang on to them, but I’m open to offers. So, if you missed a title from this period or just want a grip of Marvel comics give a shout. You may even want to stop by our tag sale this Sunday, September 11th to see what I drag out.


CroakleyAugust 31st, 2011

I recently acquired a pair of Crystal Black Ruby Iridium Frogskins by Oakley. After they fell off my face and head numerous times in Thailand, I outfitted them with some original Croakies. I’ll give them a test run with the new setup this weekend during our New England getaway.


Young Whipper SnapperAugust 28th, 2011

I came across these black and white photos from middle school. I’m modeling two World Industries Mike Vallely decks. On the left is his first board after leaving Powell Peralta, the elephant on a cliff. On the right is the infamous double kick Barnyard deck. Neither deck is in my possession now, but I did manage to score a Cease and Desist Barnyard reproduction a few years back. It proudly hangs on my wall. The photos would have been even more amazing in color, but there’s something unique about the b&w as well. On a sidenote, check out the sweet Hosoi shirt I’m wearing (not to mention those stickers)!


Pro-llectionJune 23rd, 2011

Taken from Gage + DeSoto, writing and photos by yours truly.

Being a collector can have its drawbacks – usually in the form of expenses and storage. One or the other will invariably rear its ugly head, and I’ll be forced to re-evaluate my collection. (That, or the desire for something new arises. which then requires selling x to raise money for y.) So like most of us, I’ve experienced an ebb and flow of collectibles throughout the years.

One such item that has seen a steady exit from my closet recently is the pro team kit. I amassed a decent collection of kits when I first started riding and I wasn’t on a team. So I inadvertently chose to become Captain Poseur, sporting a different livery with each ride. I quickly learned that it was not cool to wear a kit for a semi-current team that you aren’t a part of.

In hindsight, I should have just kept the jerseys and kits in question. Today, they are so obsolete that I’d have no problem wearing them. But, the space (and $) issue came into play. You can only have so much lycra at one point in time, especially with my limited square footage in NYC.

As such, they’re gone, but I figured it would be nice to gather up a few of my favorites for a “retrospective”. You’ll find a gallery of eight jerseys that I managed to photograph before they hit eBay. Some attractive, some ugly – but all great.

Gallery :: Pro-llection/Jerseys



One Thousand PercentJune 14th, 2011

These two departed from my life years ago and came into it years before that. I must say, having a single 1000% KAWS Be@rbrick is pretty sick, but having two is another level. Perhaps a level that I wasn’t prepared for, as I sold the pair to raise some funds along with making space in my tiny Brooklyn apartment.


Regardless, I’ll always have this photo of the two sitting on my couch.


1 of 1June 3rd, 2011

In the spirit of the new Team T-Shirts from Gage + DeSoto, this week’s Dust Bunny is the original Saxo Bank Team shirt line-up. This particular specimen is one of one produced in these colors.

The design morphed to adopt Fabian’s Swiss National Championship title and now that the boys are riding for Leopard Trek, there’s been another rendition.

Available from Gage + DeSoto for $25, variations include HTC and Liquigas if Leopard isn’t your team of choice.


Mix and MatchMay 27th, 2011

Due to the East Coast Rapha Gentlemen’s Race in PA last weekend, I was delayed in posting a Dust Bunny. In order to uphold the current weekly schedule, I’m doubling up this week. Here are a pair of Oakley Razor Blades. The frame is a sea foam green and the trigger arms are black. This pair was actually created out of two pairs. One pair ended up entirely fuchsia pink, including nose piece and this pair resulted in the remaining parts.

There are some cracks in the arms where they attach at the hinges, a small crack at the center of the frame and a few scratches on the lens. So, they aren’t collector perfect, but they wear fine and are sure to turn heads. Why has this turned into an eBay description? Well, I’d like to sell this pair for $65. Email me if you are interested.


Sizzlin’May 23rd, 2011

Unfortunately, these Air Max 90 DQM sneakers are no longer in my possession. I sold them on eBay a year or two after having purchased them direct from the store. These were part of the original batch. Dave’s reissued them a few years later with a T-Shirt and they’ve done an Air Max 90 Current Huarache, since then.

This rendition remains my favorite and makes for a darn good Dust Bunny.


March 2002May 12th, 2011

This week’s Dust Bunny is two pages scanned from a World Industries catalog titled “World Pigbait” mailed to me in my youth. Postmarked March 11th, 2002 and March 13th, 2002 (I guess the metered postage wasn’t enough the first go around) from Torrance, CA – I was over the moon when this arrived. With a total of 6 pages, it included Bootsy Collins on the cover and product from all of the World subsidiaries. I scanned the 101 and Plan B pages. The Blind page had the Jordan Richter “Safety Gear” board, which I didn’t deem appropriate for the post. The catalog also included pages for Fuct and Liberty Skates.

I’ve always liked the Natas “Hard Boiled” deck and Ben Reigle had the Gabriel Rodriguez wrestling deck. Of all those pictured, I only owned the Danny Way “Shotgun” deck that I actually traded for the first Kareem Campbell deck on Blue. It had a row of cartoon rabbits on it, if I recall correctly. At this point, I’d love to have that Danny Way deck back. I’ve seen a questionable version of it pop up on eBay from time to time.


Enjoy and be sure to check back for the next Dust Bunny.



Dust BunniesMay 5th, 2011

I’ve decided that like any good blog, djclever.com needs a regular post. So my weekly post, Dust Bunnies, will feature a photo of a fantastic collectible.

I’ll open it up with this Jelly Piano (GZ159) Swatch designed by architect Renzo Piano in 1982 (though it wasn’t released until 1999 Spring Summer Collection). The hands each glow in the dark in their respective colors. And, I love the anodized internals on this one.