A Baker’s Dozen of OakleysApril 4th, 2011

If you know me, you know that I’m a huge fan of Oakley. The bright colors and 80’s roots grab me. I can always count on them to add a bit of style to my day or ride. So, visiting their HQ in February was truly notable. I walked away with a few new pairs, inspired to showcase my collection. I had to borrow two pairs from my wife and a pair from Spriggs to complete the baker’s dozen, but here they are.

1. FROGSKINS Collectors Editions Marine Fade/Blue Iridium (24-237)
2. RAZOR BLADES STPL Limited Edition Blue/Ice Iridium (Limited)
3. FROGSKINS Collectors Editions Anti-Freeze/Black Iridium (24-205)
4. RAZOR BLADES Polished Yellow/Fire (03-387)
5. RADAR Path Straight Stem White/Fire Iridium (Custom)
6. FROGSKINS Collectors Editions Neon Yellow/Fire Iridium (03-200)
7. RADAR Path Straight Stem Team Orange/Ice Iridium (Custom)
8. FROGSKINS Collectors Editions Acid Green/Grey (24-249)
9. JAWBONE Atomic Orange/Vented Persimmon (Custom)
10. RADAR Range Chrome/G30 Iridium (Custom)
11. JAWBONE Pearl/Black Iridium (Custom)
12. RADAR XL Blades Matte White/Blue Iridium lenses (09-743)
13. RADAR XL Straight Blades Retina Burn/Fire Iridium (09-741)

Big thanks to Sean Smith for enabling an unhealthy penchant for “filthy” eyewear, Steve Blick for his graciousness and generosity during our HQ visit, Slate Olson for inviting me on said visit and the owners of the borrowed glasses.

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  1. Hi, love your eyewear. I´m a big Radar XL and Radarlock XL lover.
    You wouldn´t by any chance have a pair of Oakley Radar XL anti-freeze, retina burn and/or crystal red for sale/trade? Know it´s a long shot, but worth a try. Thank you.

    • Hi Jonas, I only have the XL Retina Burn and I can’t part with them. Sorry.

  2. NP, if you change your mind at some point, please let me know :)

  3. Hi. You have some of the greatest Oakleys I have ever seen in my entire life. Being the big Oakley whore I am , I can’t help but ask , are you willing to part with anything radar or radar lock ? I am willing to discuss any offer that you have if any. Very appriciative of a good Oakley collector. Thanks ! Sinjin Garrett

    • Hi Sinjin, I’m not parting with any Oakleys at the moment.
      Thanks for checking them out,

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